Misfortunes of a Adolescent Sky-Rat
Say Hello to the Ground..

While looting the Monkey Goblins that had troubled the party earlier they heard the Barbarian yell in the distance.

“Friends! Bring our treasures! I have come upon a friend that might have trade!” – yelled the Barbarian

At once the paladin knew that something sounded off about the savage one’s plea.

“Friends, ready yourselves for our friends plea sounds devilishly queer.” said Rolland

The group nodded at the Paladin in agreement and drew their weapons. They begin to walk forward towards where they heard the Barbarian’s voice.

Rolland’s pally senses tingle

“Halt.” whispers the Paladin

“I sense an evil presence with the Barbarian. We may very well have a fight on our hands.” – said Rolland

Euben continues to move forward despite Rolland halting the group

Rhaemus disappears into the shadows continuing to follow the group

Hurriedly the group catches up to the wizard and matches pace


The Dragon’s eyes widened with a sharp glare at the human before him

“Human, are you lying to me?” – asked the dragon

“Am I lying to you?” – asked Thraag repeating the dragon

“There appears to be more than two in your company.” said the dragon

Rustling is heard behind the Barbarian

“Have you lied to me?” – asked the dragon a second time

“Yes. Were you any other creature I might have been more truthful. Your presence here brought worry to me.” – said Thraag with a smile

“I don’t know how to feel about this Human. However I do know with more bodies comes more treasure, or more meat.” – said the grinning dragon

The Barbarian’s allies came up behind him, wide eyed at the dragon’s presence

Smiling the Dragon looked over the Barbarian’s companions

Rhaemus dropped stealth under the Dragon’s gaze

The rogue attempted pointless diatribe with the dragon. The Dragon just gleamed at him dumbfounded gaze.

The Paladin began to twitch anxiously

“I just want your treasures” said the Dragon to the Rogue

Valix stared at the dragon with a stern gaze

“You will find us not such easy prey Dragon.” said Valix

All patience left the Paladin

The Paladin began to walk forward past the Barbarian

“This Paladin may be more stubborn than I” thought the Barbarian

“Paladin! The Sky-Rat’s breath is especially toxic, best shop for new gear after you smell his breath!” exclaimed Thraag

Ears clouded with an indoctrinated sense of judgement the Paladin continued forward

“Evil creature! You will have no treasure from us fiend! Only judgement!” yelled the Paladin

Thraag smiled with a great blood lust

“I am alive today” thought the Barbarian

Acknowledging what was transpiring, the dragon began to ready an attack

In a rage the barbarian drew a throwing axe from his side with a crazy look of blood lust on his face.

“Get down here!” yelled the Barbarian in an intimidating roar

Thraag hurled his axe at the Dragon above with almost inhuman strength

As fast as the axe left Thraag’s hand it was deep in the Dragon’s scaly wing. The axe struck bone halfway severing a wing

The Dragon let out a screech of pain and dropped 20-ft with a splash in the pool below

“Thanks.” said Thraag

Without letting an opportunity pass the Magus, Valix, quickly readied a spell while moving forward past the Paladin with his hand pointed toward the pool and spoke the words. In what seemed like an instant the weeds around the pool frosted over and the pool froze. The dragon cried out again with a screech. All heat from the air around the pool seemed to dissipate.

The Dragon tried to struggle free from the frozen pool but failed

In an attempt of impressive acrobatics the Rogue attempted to jump from his pillar to the back of the dragon. However his jump was a bit to far and he landed on the ice behind the dragon sliding around 10 feet away from it.

The Wizard, Euben, ran up to the side of the pool with sword drawn. He brought down a mighty swing at the dragon but just glanced off the dragon’s scales.

Behind the party the she-orc raised her weapon and chanted something foreign. A light shot out and encompassed the party empowering them with additional strength.

At the Wizard’s failed swing Faust, the wizards companion, jumped off of Euben and at the dragon’s face. With a fury of swipes the cat gouged the dragons right eye out of it’s socket.

The Dragon roared with great anger and look toward the feline

“They better end this creature before it ends mine” thought Euben

The paladin drew his blade with a gleaming light shining from the blade

Charging forward in a divine fury the Paladin brought down his great sword of shiny onto the dragons neck

The Dragon squealed loudly like some demonic piglett

Rolland’s greatsword did not stop until the Dragon’s neck was halfway severed

Blood covered the Paladin from head to toe

The Barbarian walked past the Paladin after a quick pat on his shoulder and approached the dragon. He stepped on his wing and grabbed his axe. While he withdrew the axe the Barbarian said with a smile… “Well… that was really beginning to drag..on.” blood spurt from the Dragon’s wing.

All was silent and all lost the game.

Thraag's Queer Discovery
Acidic Green in the Tower Forest

A rustling wind shook the green trees around the barbarian as he searched through the Tower Forest for a place to camp. Thraag had survived in the wilderness before during his journeys with his former Master’s scout guard. This was not new to him by any means. This forest was practically speaking to him on where to go. Quickly he picked up a scent of some type of chlorine odor, tingling his sharp smell. Heading that direction he spotted a path almost invisible to the naked eye, overgrown with thick weeds. “Hm..” said Thraag, studying the path for a minute he decided to follow it and see what could be found.

After what seemed like 5-10 minutes of walking along the path the barbarian began to make out a worn structure along the trees. It resembled something of an old ruin. Having no real knowledge of what it was it aroused barbarian’s curiosity and he pushed forward. Coming upon great pillars around three times the Barbarian’s height he saw that they too were overgrown with thick weeds and vines. Enormous trees potentially thousands of years in age cluttered the space surrounded by younger, more petite trees.

The Barbarian entered the clearing, in between two great pillars, and noticed a rectangular pool around 15-20 feet in length. Protruding from the pools surface was a long green snout that resembled that of a gator the Barbarian had seen years past. The smell was strong on Thraag’s nostrils still, but he felt it posed no threat to him as long as he stayed on the balls of his feet.

Thraag continued to search the area when he heard a raspy voice behind him.

“Hello. Come in and join me in the water.” – said the snout

Veering around the Barbarian’s eyes met the thing in the water. The barbarian grinned with a slight smirk.

“I prefer not. It’s dry out here, why don’t you join me?” said Thraag

“I’d like some fresh air.” said the Snout

The snout submerged into the water and just as quickly as he went under the water erupted with an amazing force upwards, and upwards. As the water fell off the creature light gleamed from it’s scales, a dark forest green. At once Thraag knew exactly what this creature was, he had heard stories from some of the other slaves when he was under the Master’s control. In fact, he knew quite a lot about the dragon as he had taken great interest in the creatures.

“Okay”, thought Thraag.. “This creature is a Green Dragon, still young and foolish. It spits an acidic breath and is an evil foe. It can see in the darkness has a blind sense of things. I should have realized earlier, these creatures can breathe underwater. Perhaps diplomacy can be had with this green rat while it’s still young”, thought Thraag.

Not quite knowing how to react the Barbarian asked the dragon…

“Why are you here” – said Thraag

“Why? I live here. This is my home that you have come upon.” – said the dragon

“Why are YOU here human?” – said the dragon

“Searching for a place to camp” – said Thraag

“How.. unfortunate.” – said the dragon

“Hah! Yes.” – said Thraag

“So, what of your intent dragon?” – asked Thraag

“My intent? My intent is to eat you.” – said the dragon

“Shit.” thought the barbarian, “Wait.. I know these creatures to collect and horde treasure. Maybe I can feed it’s sweet tooth to buy time” said the barbarian internally.

“As becoming of you as that is, I would rather you not. You collect treasure?” asked Thraag

“Yes.” – said the dragon

“Then let’s strike a bargain for safe passage from these woods and out of your maw.” said Thraag

“Go on” – said the dragon

“I have two orcs with me that are carrying much treasure that we have come upon. I can offer you some of what we have procured in exchange for moratorium from violence.” – said Thraag

“Very well. If this treasure pleases me then you shall be able to take leave from me and from my horde.” – said the dragon

“How far away are your companions?” – asked the dragon

“Around 100 yards away from us.” replied Thraag

“Very well, call them to us.” said the dragon

“I would much rather gather them mys-…” – said Thraag

“Call for them.” – interrupted the dragon

Thraag cleared his throat.

“Friends! Bring our treasures! I have come upon a friend that might have trade!” – yelled the Barbarian

Thraag smiles and nods at the dragon

New Friends and Monkey Goblins
Tower Forest near Ruins


Euben, the mad, negotiated with the Orc and her son. They came to an agreement that they will assist us in stopping the impending doom about to fall upon the world by trekking with us to the East. The Orcs agreed to act as paid pack mules and battle companions along the way. After the agreement and picking through the slaver’s equipment the Orcish woman said that her son must tag along and that his name translates to Fire & Wind in common.

After many hours of walking towards the east the group comes upon a dense forest and can make out ruins through the trees.

While walking toward the ruins a distant howl is heard on both sides of our heroes. The sounds resemble that of Monkey’s but with a sinister ring to it.

the paladin’s pally senses tingle and he senses evil

the barbarian grins wildly

Monkey Goblins! – yells Thraag with a violent grin

Worry is seen on some of the parties faces when they see the number of creature shrouded by trees but all worry is dispersed when Thraag yells, “They come at you like flies but they rend through like butter!”

The Monkey Goblin’s came at them with nets, tooth, and claw. After a short battle the barbarian as well as the other heroes all had their taste of goblin blood… especially the barbarian… it was all over his face.

After the battle the group decided to allow the Barbarian to search for a good spot to camp while they looted the goblins.

The group was rewarded with 500 xp a person. Loot will follow.

Orc Slaves and the Impending Horde
2 Hours Outside Halimvor

After the fight with the slavers our party notice that the slaves inside of the carriage are Orcs. Orcs have not been seen for some time and have been separated from the rest of the world by a wall.

Valix, the magus, decided to investigate. When he approached the cage the female Orc veered and yelled at him in Orcish tongue. The rest of the party saw this as a warning, however Valix knew her native tongue and responded to them saying that harm would not befall them.

Thraag approached the carriage and offered the Orcs a piece of his Sandwich with his hard outstretched. The female grabbed the barbarian’s wrist and pulled him forward. She said something in Orcish and took the sandwich while letting go of the barbarian. Thraag looked at the Magus with a puzzled look and Valix relayed what she had said, “The walls of white and red will fall. The horde is coming”.

Valix took the Orc woman’s outcry as a threat and drew his weapon. He stormed the cage and tried a grab at the woman. The younger Orc spoke some voodoo and outstretched his hand. In that instant the Magus lowered his weapon and adorned a more tranquil gaze towards the Orcs.

Thraag attempted to glare down the Orcish woman only to be met with a growl of her own. Scowling the Barbarian gave her some space and smiled. Thraag asked the Orcish woman what were the intentions of the horde and she replied… “Justice”.

Temple Raid

While at the barracks the party is beset upon by undead hobgoblins and skeletons as well as two undead ogres destroying everything in their path. The party, after defending the battered and tired soldiers of the barracks, is finally able to find a break in the enemy raids to go and find Serah-Twice Blessed. The group had to leave EĆ¼ben, and the gnome Druid behind in order to allow them to rest and recover from the previous battles. Orick was also summoned away by a courier to parts unknown. The party still saw fit to go to the temple. When they arrived they noticed that the once living Hobgoblins as described by the rogue are now undead but still patrolling their normal guard routes. While odd it does not keep the party from attacking to save those inside. After defeating the undead and regrouping, the temple doors swing open from the inside and a gore covered barbarian approaching 7 feet tall steps out holding a spear. The barbarian proclaims “this undead scourge is a curse. In order to end the curse the Bloodborne must be sacrificed!” He then charges the party unprovoked. After dealing with the barbarian the party goes inside to find the priests and priestesses killed. They find one priestess in a corner still alive and heal her back to normal. She is Tyra of the temple proper. She states that the last time she saw Serah that she was in her quarters still safe. The party ties up the now unconscious barbarian and barricades him in a room so that he may not escape. They also close and barricade the temple doors in order to keep any more creatures from surprising them. Tyra has agreed to take the party to Serah’s quarters as long as we take her to the barracks for protection so the party finally sets out to find Serah.


When morning comes the party finds the city streets deserted. The party once again tries to make it to the Barracks. On their way they find Goblins trying to restrain an Ogre. Seeing that if they let this group go it would cause the deaths of many more citizens the party decides to destroy these adversaries. After dispatching them they make their way to the barracks and find it being attacked by zombies and skeletons. After dispatching the undead the group finds Eslie the Guard Captain and offers their aid. After healing the wounded and helping to build barricades the group is able to glean some knowledge from one of the skeletons that was attacking the barracks. The magic bringing these creatures to life is necromantic in nature but not very powerful. Eslie says that if we find the priestess Serah Twice-Blessed we may be able to find out more. The group then prepares to move towards the temple, the last known location of the priestess.

New Threat?

While on route to the Barracks the party is able to free some citizens from their Goblin captors. In the aftermath they find Alara Greenbane, the new widow of the Lazy Goblin’s owner. In the aftermath of the fight to free her the party notices something different about these corpses. They are not completely dead. It seems that in addition to a Goblin hoard an undead scourge seems to be descending upon the city at the same time. The party races back to the Lazy Goblin to intercept the widow. They reach her before she reaches the Lazy Goblin and clear it once more, this time of the undead inside. After clearing the building, fixing the damage, and reinforcing its defenses, the party rests for the night and prays the city stands in the morning.

The Raid

The city of Greyston is under attack by what seems to be a Goblin Hoard. The adventurers having dealt with the small goblin contingency that attacked the Lazy Goblin follows the sounds of wanton destruction towards the barracks in order to aid the city guard so they may defend the rest of the city.

The Lazy Goblin

The party finds themselves in a tavern. All remember the trek here, convinced they are here of their own will. However, convinced as they are of their free will, none have any idea of why they are truly here or what compelled them.

As they gather their surroundings they discover that they are in the Lazy Goblin based on the regalia surrounding and decorating the place.

While contemplating their surroundings an explosion is heard from upstairs and the patrons begin to scream and panic.

That is when Thraag the Barbarian was super fucking awesome and charged the door smashing it to bits with his axe. The splintered door revealed four scared as fuck goblins that attempted to flee the moment they saw the Barbarians bulge. As they attempted to flee Thraag brought down his mighty axe on one of the goblins and fucked his shit up. Thraag then chased down one of the remaining goblins while vehemently screaming “Lay the fuck down”. After hearing the manly man voice of Thraag, the goblin exclaimed “Fuck it” and dropped to the ground. This allowed Thraag to penetrate the goblin with his axe without any unwillingness.

Back at the Tavern

Perhaps the rest of the party can help in updating this adventure log post.

Masterwork breastplate
Potion of shield of faith
Arcane scroll of alter self
Arcane scroll of dispel magic
Gems- unworked malachite, unworked lapis lazuli, unworked pyrite, lapis lazuli, unworked opal

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