Oric son of Barric

Dwarven Fighter


Born the first son of legendary Osirian blacksmith Barric, Oric was always treated as a special class of nobility. While many would revel in the admiration of others for no reason, Oric soon began to resent the fame his heritage brought him. This resentment was compounded early in life by the presence of Oric’s younger brothers: the middle twins Lorric, Dorric, and the youngest Coric.

Though he was the oldest, Oric was the smallest and showed the least inclination towards the family trade. Through many errors in even simple metalwork (simple in an Osirian’s true craft would take a standard human a lifetime of practice to attain) Oric decided his calling would be elsewhere. Through what he saw in his mind as an act of rebellion, Oric decided to use his substantial strength and agility in the arena of the downtrodden and bloodthirsty: the fighting pits.

The joy that Oric felt while trouncing his opponents in the pit was unrivaled by any other task, and it seemed to be a decent outlet for his anger, for a time. Days shy of his 33rd birthday, Oric found himself being abused yet again by his sizeable twin brothers inside his father’s workshop. Finally growing tired of their constant barrages, Oric lashed out against his siblings, intending to use his new skills to merely subdue and incapacitate them. With one quick blow to the jaw, Oric rendered Lorric unconscious before turning his attention to Dorric. Dorric, in an attempt to defend himself picked up the closest object at hand. Unfortunately for Oric this was his father’s hammer, Darsam Dor “Celestial Iron”.

When moving to disarm his brother of the hammer, Oric’s expertise and Dorric’s physical cowardice proved a dreadful combination. Dorric’s attempt at a dodge cause Oric to strike Darsam Dor instead of his brother, launching the hammer through the opening in the shop, dropping it into the seemingly bottomless river that ran through the city’s merchant quarter. As expected Lorric and Dorric took each other’s side, blaming Oric entirely for the loss of such an artifact. In his anger, and with his substantial connections in the Osirian nobility, Barric had Oric banished until such a time as he could find a suitable replacement, which all knew would likely never be. Oric left his homeland without a single look back, as if to show he knew he would return someday. That fateful day was 10 years ago.

In the time following Oric traveled the world honing his fighting abilities in arenas and in work as a mercenary and bodyguard. In an attempt to regain his homeland, Oric also began to fervently practice blacksmithing and mining, hoping to glean knowledge of materials that he might someday find a worthy substitute for Darsam Dor.

Oric son of Barric

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