Human Barbarian


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Thraag was born on the battlefield, cut from his dead mother’s womb, and brought up in slavery by a Noble named Roland Mir.

The feud between Mir and Thraag’s tribe started because they refused to hand over children to be Mir’s slaves. This erupted in battle and because of Mir’s fondness for Sorcery, the tide quickly turned on the tribe. The battle was long and fierce. Mir chose to kill the remaining Barbarians for fear that they may one day attempt to strike at him again.

In the aftermath of the battle Mir came across a dying woman lying on the ground with an axe in her hand and a gash across her chest. The woman was the tribe leaders wife, a fierce warrior and noticeably pregnant. Mir stood over her with a look of disgust in his eyes, “With child I see. It’s only fitting that I make him my slave because of your defiance.” said Mir. In anger she attempted a swing at Mir but he kicked her arm aside and brought down his own at her throat. While she writhed he took out his dagger and cut open her stomach revealing the baby, Thraag, inside. As he pulled the baby out the screams of the woman matched that of the child. While glaring at the woman with a wicked smile he brought down his boot on her to finish the job. What remained of the tribe was wiped out and set a blaze. The Nobel man wanted nothing remaining of their existence.

Thraag was brought back to the city of Greyston to be brought up and trained as a bodyguard for Mir. Thraag did not know much of his master’s true side. He would bring Mir from place to place making sure that he was safe, always quiet and never questioning. This all came to an halt when he met a slave girl named Whin. He fell in love with her and they both plotted to escape Mir’s estate.

On the day before the planned escape Whin disappeared. Distraught Thraag thought for the worst and went looking for her. He knew that Mir must have found out and is punishing her. In a rage he grabbed his great sword and ran up to Mir’s bedchambers looking for him. Bashing through the door he find an empty room, dark, and filled with an evil aura. It was then that a recognizable voice behind him called out, “Can I show you something?”. It was Mir he knew. In a rage the barbarian exclaimed, “What have you done with her!? What have you done with Whin!?” he ran at Mir. It was then that Mir held up his hand and Thraag felt an invisible hand grasp his throat lifting him off of the ground. “Now, now, we can’t have that. Let me take you to her.” said Mir. Mir then brought down a hidden lever on the side wall to reveal a dark passage with steps leading down, “She is down there, go to her.” it was then that the force that was holding the barbarian in place released dropping Thraag back to the ground. Gasping he ran to the passage down the dark steps to the chamber below leaving his great sword behind.

At the bottom of the steps the Barbarian was greeted with a dark room lit with oddly colored candles and a strange odor. In the middle he saw a raised table with a woman laying on top cuffed at each limb. “Whin!”, exclaimed Thraag. He then ran up to her and began to attempt to break the cuffs that bound her. She had not been visibly harmed but she lay still, unmoving. After attempting to break the cuffs and failing he started to shake her trying to wake her up. As he frantically attempted to wake her he heard Mir’s voice behind him, “She is still from magic, you cannot wake her”. Thraag noticed a expensive looking dagger embroidered with odd looking gems lying on the table next to her.

The Barbarian, in a rage, grabbed the dagger and ran towards the Nobelman. With a laugh the Nobelman held up his hand and froze the Barbarian in place. “I was going to do this myself but it seems only fitting to have you do the work for me” the Nobelman snapped his fingers and uncontrollably the Barbarian began to turn towards the slave girl. “Stop this! What are you doing?” yelled Thraag. “You are going to sacrifice this girl for me to help summon my master to this plane.” said Mir with an evil grin. Yelling in anger the Barbarian tried to fight the will of Mir but was powerless to stop him. Slowly the Barbarian approached the table and stopped beside it. His hands slowly raised the dagger above his head, “Now let me wake her so she can see what you’re doing to her.” said Mir. The slave girl’s eyes opened to the Barbarian with the dagger held over her. Her eyes widened with fear “Wait, what are you doing!?” exclaimed Whin. “No!” is all that the barbarian could say as the dagger came down on her and pierced her heart.

As if triggered by the slave girls sudden death a force pushed the Barbarian to the side through the air dropping the dagger in the process. He landed on the ground with a thud and slid towards the wall slamming his head into it. “Now it is time for you to finally come out ******* and we can conquer this realm together!” yelled Mir. In a daze the Barbarian looked around the room to see what was happening, there was nothing. “Come now, come out and meet me *******! What are you waiting for?” asked Mir. The Nobelman walked across the room and grabbed the dagger from the ground. He then began to stab the slave girl repeatedly while yelling “Where are you? Why have you not shown yourself to me?”. Thraag saw this and an intense fury came over him. Yelling the barbarian ran at the Nobel man who was still stabbing the slave girl screaming things that the barbarian could not understand. He quickly grabbed Mir wrapping his hand around his throat, digging deep, and ripped it out. He then threw the Nobel man aside and watched him writhe for a moment, walked over to him, and brought his boot down onto his skull.

Thraag walked up to the slave girl and began to shake her while yelling uncontrollably. After a few moments he let go of her and turned away to walk out, “He was so weak. I would have never shown myself to him” said a voice in the shadows. The Barbarian turned around to see a horrendous creature emerge from the shadows. “I love the rage that boils inside of you. You were this pathetic man’s guard. I want you by my side where we can put that fury of yours to good use.” said the creature. “Fuck you” said the Barbarian. “I never said it would be a choice” said the creature. The Barbarian attempted to charge the creature but was again frozen in place, unable to move. “I will kill you monster!” yelled Thraag. “Unlikely” laughed the creature. The creature approached the barbarian, surveying him. He then laid a clawed finger on the Barbarian’s chest. “Let me give you something, a gift.” said the creature. When the creature’s claw left he barbarians chest a brand began to chisel itself into the barbarians skin, it looked red hot. Thraag began to scream in agony. “One day you will find me and I will take you. You are not yet ready but this means you belong to me.” said the creature. The Barbarian continued to scream in agony until his body could not handle it anymore and blacked out.

Thraag awoke hours later in the room. The Nobel man’s body still on the floor and Whin unmoved on the table. It felt like a nightmare but it was very real, the brand on his chest proved that. It burned like an intense flame searing the skin. Pulling himself up the Barbarian walked over to the table. Whin’s body still motionless with her eyes looking up at him.

Thraag now travels the island continent of Halimvor looking for clues to find the creature and destroy it. The brand still burns on his chest. Not much is known about the brand. It holds some dark aura about it that cannot be explained. Perhaps we will find out more about this brand later in the story.


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