Oread Cleric of Irori


A 5’6" man with the skin color, complexion, and texture of granite. His eyes of garnet giving off a glow of blood red in the light. His deity is Irori, the god of Knowledge, Healing, and Self Perfection. Though Irori’s clergy is widely spread, there are few monasteries in Halimvor.


There are many clerics in the service of the deity of Knowledge, Healing, and Self Perfection, Irori, but one is different. Urtar the son of a human female and an Earth Djinn, is the only known Oread in Irori’s service. Urtar’s mother was seen as a harlot and shunned by the townsfolk of a small town in the mountains north of the capital of Halimvor. When she refused to reveal the father of the child she was chased from the town and had to survive in the mountains. She stumbled upon a small monastery several miles west of her town near birth and near death. The monastery clergy immediately came to her aid. The child was given one thing with his mother’s dying breath, his name Urtar. The child was born with granite like skin color and texture as well as eyes of garnet that gave off a blood red glow in the light. Most of the monks and clerics in the monastery viewed this child as an abomination. All except the the monk who performed the birthing. The monk, who acted as midwife during the birth, took Urtar into his custody feeling a profound sense of sorrow and duty to the mother and child. The monk never revealed to Urtar the details of his mother’s death or how he came to look the way he did. A traveler to the monastery was later able to tell the rest of the clergy, and Urtar, what he truly was. An Oread, a mixing of human and earth elemental blood. As the boy grew older his lack of purpose began to grow inside of him until he reached the age of 14 when he finally became of age to join the clergy. The boy became embroiled in the clergy quickly learning healing spells and learning of the spells of the arcane arts and the creatures of Halimvor. He became proficient in unarmed combat as well as with many other simple weapons. The boy continued to learn and train for 40 more years. Though the monk who raised him passed away the boy still considers him his father and the monastery his home. One day, during his meditation, Urtar was able to see the capital city Greyston and suddenly felt the urge to go there. Whether it was his god telling him or just a hunch he did not know but he gathered his belongings and set out for Greyston with his resolve as his shield, his training as his sword, and his faith as his compass.


Halimvor Gawd Urtar