New Friends and Monkey Goblins

Tower Forest near Ruins


Euben, the mad, negotiated with the Orc and her son. They came to an agreement that they will assist us in stopping the impending doom about to fall upon the world by trekking with us to the East. The Orcs agreed to act as paid pack mules and battle companions along the way. After the agreement and picking through the slaver’s equipment the Orcish woman said that her son must tag along and that his name translates to Fire & Wind in common.

After many hours of walking towards the east the group comes upon a dense forest and can make out ruins through the trees.

While walking toward the ruins a distant howl is heard on both sides of our heroes. The sounds resemble that of Monkey’s but with a sinister ring to it.

the paladin’s pally senses tingle and he senses evil

the barbarian grins wildly

Monkey Goblins! – yells Thraag with a violent grin

Worry is seen on some of the parties faces when they see the number of creature shrouded by trees but all worry is dispersed when Thraag yells, “They come at you like flies but they rend through like butter!”

The Monkey Goblin’s came at them with nets, tooth, and claw. After a short battle the barbarian as well as the other heroes all had their taste of goblin blood… especially the barbarian… it was all over his face.

After the battle the group decided to allow the Barbarian to search for a good spot to camp while they looted the goblins.

The group was rewarded with 500 xp a person. Loot will follow.


Gawd camwiles

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