Orc Slaves and the Impending Horde

2 Hours Outside Halimvor

After the fight with the slavers our party notice that the slaves inside of the carriage are Orcs. Orcs have not been seen for some time and have been separated from the rest of the world by a wall.

Valix, the magus, decided to investigate. When he approached the cage the female Orc veered and yelled at him in Orcish tongue. The rest of the party saw this as a warning, however Valix knew her native tongue and responded to them saying that harm would not befall them.

Thraag approached the carriage and offered the Orcs a piece of his Sandwich with his hard outstretched. The female grabbed the barbarian’s wrist and pulled him forward. She said something in Orcish and took the sandwich while letting go of the barbarian. Thraag looked at the Magus with a puzzled look and Valix relayed what she had said, “The walls of white and red will fall. The horde is coming”.

Valix took the Orc woman’s outcry as a threat and drew his weapon. He stormed the cage and tried a grab at the woman. The younger Orc spoke some voodoo and outstretched his hand. In that instant the Magus lowered his weapon and adorned a more tranquil gaze towards the Orcs.

Thraag attempted to glare down the Orcish woman only to be met with a growl of her own. Scowling the Barbarian gave her some space and smiled. Thraag asked the Orcish woman what were the intentions of the horde and she replied… “Justice”.


Gawd camwiles

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