Thraag's Queer Discovery

Acidic Green in the Tower Forest

A rustling wind shook the green trees around the barbarian as he searched through the Tower Forest for a place to camp. Thraag had survived in the wilderness before during his journeys with his former Master’s scout guard. This was not new to him by any means. This forest was practically speaking to him on where to go. Quickly he picked up a scent of some type of chlorine odor, tingling his sharp smell. Heading that direction he spotted a path almost invisible to the naked eye, overgrown with thick weeds. “Hm..” said Thraag, studying the path for a minute he decided to follow it and see what could be found.

After what seemed like 5-10 minutes of walking along the path the barbarian began to make out a worn structure along the trees. It resembled something of an old ruin. Having no real knowledge of what it was it aroused barbarian’s curiosity and he pushed forward. Coming upon great pillars around three times the Barbarian’s height he saw that they too were overgrown with thick weeds and vines. Enormous trees potentially thousands of years in age cluttered the space surrounded by younger, more petite trees.

The Barbarian entered the clearing, in between two great pillars, and noticed a rectangular pool around 15-20 feet in length. Protruding from the pools surface was a long green snout that resembled that of a gator the Barbarian had seen years past. The smell was strong on Thraag’s nostrils still, but he felt it posed no threat to him as long as he stayed on the balls of his feet.

Thraag continued to search the area when he heard a raspy voice behind him.

“Hello. Come in and join me in the water.” – said the snout

Veering around the Barbarian’s eyes met the thing in the water. The barbarian grinned with a slight smirk.

“I prefer not. It’s dry out here, why don’t you join me?” said Thraag

“I’d like some fresh air.” said the Snout

The snout submerged into the water and just as quickly as he went under the water erupted with an amazing force upwards, and upwards. As the water fell off the creature light gleamed from it’s scales, a dark forest green. At once Thraag knew exactly what this creature was, he had heard stories from some of the other slaves when he was under the Master’s control. In fact, he knew quite a lot about the dragon as he had taken great interest in the creatures.

“Okay”, thought Thraag.. “This creature is a Green Dragon, still young and foolish. It spits an acidic breath and is an evil foe. It can see in the darkness has a blind sense of things. I should have realized earlier, these creatures can breathe underwater. Perhaps diplomacy can be had with this green rat while it’s still young”, thought Thraag.

Not quite knowing how to react the Barbarian asked the dragon…

“Why are you here” – said Thraag

“Why? I live here. This is my home that you have come upon.” – said the dragon

“Why are YOU here human?” – said the dragon

“Searching for a place to camp” – said Thraag

“How.. unfortunate.” – said the dragon

“Hah! Yes.” – said Thraag

“So, what of your intent dragon?” – asked Thraag

“My intent? My intent is to eat you.” – said the dragon

“Shit.” thought the barbarian, “Wait.. I know these creatures to collect and horde treasure. Maybe I can feed it’s sweet tooth to buy time” said the barbarian internally.

“As becoming of you as that is, I would rather you not. You collect treasure?” asked Thraag

“Yes.” – said the dragon

“Then let’s strike a bargain for safe passage from these woods and out of your maw.” said Thraag

“Go on” – said the dragon

“I have two orcs with me that are carrying much treasure that we have come upon. I can offer you some of what we have procured in exchange for moratorium from violence.” – said Thraag

“Very well. If this treasure pleases me then you shall be able to take leave from me and from my horde.” – said the dragon

“How far away are your companions?” – asked the dragon

“Around 100 yards away from us.” replied Thraag

“Very well, call them to us.” said the dragon

“I would much rather gather them mys-…” – said Thraag

“Call for them.” – interrupted the dragon

Thraag cleared his throat.

“Friends! Bring our treasures! I have come upon a friend that might have trade!” – yelled the Barbarian

Thraag smiles and nods at the dragon


Gawd camwiles

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