Anqtril "Goblin Club"


In the early days of Halimvors founding goblins once wreaked havoc on its citizens. Such was the threat and ferocity of these goblin raids that the forces of good rallied in defense of the innocent. Dragons sympathetic to their plight crafted weapons of great make. One of such was specially crafted for the captain of the guard in Grayston, Balefor Loewe. His family held positions of importance in the early days of the cities founding and owned a well known pub, the lazy goblin, which became a hub for organizing the defense of the city.

Inlaid the pommel is a worked garnet. Spiraling down the handle is a pattern of azure and pearl anodized steel. The blade has a blood groove traveling down one half it’s length. Folded steel constructs the business end with dual edges of mithral worked down its sides for an everlasting edge. Across the Hand guard draconic runes read, “Balefor Loewe, son of Roth, Captain of the Guard wields the club of goblin kind in defense of the realms encompassing Halimvor.”

Masterwork Goblins bane steel Longsword. 1d8 (+1 Goblins) dmg, critical roll 19-20 for x2. Weighs 4lbs. Value: Sentimental

Anqtril "Goblin Club"

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